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Spirit Fanfics is an app that lets you read works written by writing enthusiasts as well as publish your own works so that others can enjoy them. All the stories and publications are perfectly organized by categories so you won’t have any problems trying to find content that you like.

Spirit Fanfics lets you filter the content by genre (comedy, drama, sports...) or by category (stories based on movies, videogames, comics...). You can also use the labels to help you browse faster. Another great feature the app offers is that you can change the order you’ll receive the stories: you can read the newest works or the most popular ones first.

Reading is not all you can do with Spirit Fanfics though; you can also easily publish your own content. Just pick a title, write a synopsis, pick a cover image...and of course, write the story that you want to publish.

Spirit Fanfics is a super interesting app for amateur writers, reading lovers and specially ‘fanfics’ followers. This app is filled with interesting content.

Android 4.0.3 or greater is required

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